In the nine decades since James B. Duke signed the Indenture of Trust that established his private foundation, the Trustees and staff of The Duke Endowment have had the privilege of working together to honor his extraordinary dream for the Carolinas. Just as our founder did in 1924, we strive to use the Endowment’s resources where they have the greatest impact and outcomes. As a foundation, that is our opportunity — and challenge.

Holding ourselves accountable for strong outcomes takes a commitment to setting clear goals and developing strategies for achieving them. It means measuring and evaluating our progress, and extracting valuable insights from our results. Above all, it takes an eagerness to learn.

We chose Leaning into Learning as the theme for our 2017 Annual Report because learning is integral in our drive toward results. We rely on thoughtful research, evaluation and the experiences of our partners in the field to help us shape and sharpen our work. Through learning, we identify what went well, what we could have done better and where we can do the most good.

On the following pages, we highlight efforts from our four program areas that are focused on learning. In Child Care, a retrospective evaluation is helping us gauge the impact of our out-of-home care grantmaking and inform our strategy going forward. In Health Care, ground-breaking research is targeting the opioid epidemic by testing new prescription protocols after orthopedic surgery. In Higher Education, university leaders are studying a new educational model to measure how it helps students succeed. In Rural Church, congregations are using a needs assessment process to discover how they can match their strengths to community challenges.

As an organization, The Duke Endowment is embracing learning to strengthen the way we serve and work. In 2017, we expanded our Evaluation department by hiring an associate director of learning and evaluation who will help us accelerate our efforts to become more intentional about learning. We commissioned a Grantee Perception Report, administered by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, to collect actionable information about our performance. Throughout the year, staff members have been participating in an in-depth program designed to increase our effectiveness as a team. Both Trustees and staff have benefited from diversity training.

We believe that learning together will deepen our understanding and ultimately help us adapt and improve. Solutions to today’s social challenges are always complex. But with strong grantees as our partners, we are “leaning into learning” to make a meaningful and lasting difference for people in the Carolinas.

In closing, we want to pay tribute to a former Trustee, Richard H. Jenrette, who died on April 22, 2018, at age 89. An esteemed leader in the business world, Mr. Jenrette was also known for his work in historic preservation. During his nearly 13 years on our Board, we benefited greatly from his wisdom, friendship and passion for excellence.





  • Minor M. Shaw

    Greenville, SC
  • Dennis M. Campbell

    Vice Chair
    Durham, NC
  • Mary D.T. Jones

    Vice Chair
    Abingdon, VA
    (Retired December 2017)
  • Jean G. Spaulding

    Vice Chair
    Durham, NC
  • William Barnet III

    Spartanburg, SC
  • John F.A.V. Cecil

    Asheville, NC
  • Ravenel B. Curry III

    New York, NY
  • Harris E. DeLoach Jr.

    Hartsville, SC
  • Constance F. Gray

    Winston-Salem, NC
  • J. Trent Jones

    Sun Valley, ID
  • Thomas S. Kenan III

    Chapel Hill, NC
  • Charles C. Lucas III

    Charlotte, NC
  • Wilhelmina M. Reuben-Cooke

    Alexandria, VA
  • Russell M. Robinson II

    Charlotte, NC
    (Retired June 2017)
  • Kenneth D. Weeks Jr.

    Charlotte, NC
  • Judy Woodruff

    Washington, DC


  • Ashleigh J. Allessio

    Senior Administrative Specialist, Health Care
  • William F. Bacon

    Director, Evaluation
  • Laila A. Bell

    Associate Director of Learning & Evaluation
  • Chris M. Collins

    Associate Director, Health Care
  • Todd W. Dalrymple

    Program Officer, Special Initiatives
  • Ronda S. Dwyer

    Senior Administrative Specialist, Finance
  • Nancy L. Edwards

    Administrative Specialist, Health Care
  • Eric E. Frazier

    Digital Communications Strategist
  • Paula W. Greene

    Events Manager
  • Janet B. Haas

    Senior Administrative Specialist, Evaluation
  • Melinda O. Hardin

    Accounting Specialist
  • Charisma J. Hibbler

  • Kate G. Hiley

    Senior Administrative Specialist, Child Care
  • Lin B. Hollowell III

    Director, Health Care
  • Stella J. Jalon

    Senior Administrative Specialist, Higher Education
  • Julie A. Kemp

    Senior Administrative Specialist, Health Care
  • Jay E. Kennedy

    Program Officer, Health Care
  • Jeri F. Krentz

    Associate Director, Communications
  • Rhett N. Mabry

  • Jena M. Manilla

    Evaluation Analyst
  • Tania G. Mapes

    Human Resources Generalist
  • Trena McClure

    Senior Administrative Specialist, Rural Church
  • Susan L. McConnell

    Director, Higher Education
    Director, Human Resources
  • Arthur E. Morehead IV

    Vice President/General Counsel
  • Laura A. Peres

    Project and Facilities Manager
  • Charity L. Perkins

    Director, Communications
  • Phillip H. Redmond Jr.

    Director, Child Care
  • Kristen R. Richardson-Frick

    Associate Director, Rural Church
  • Karen H. Rogers

    Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
  • Meka S. Sales

    Director, Special Initiatives
  • Matthew D. Sharp

    Director, Information Technology
  • Gillian L. Small

  • Natalie C. W. Smith

    Senior Accountant
  • Eric D. Stevens

    Administrative Specialist
  • K. Todd Walker

    Managing Director, Investments
  • Stacy E. Warren

    Program Officer, Health Care
  • Kimberly M. Webb

    Executive Assistant, President's Office
  • Robert R. Webb III

    Director, Rural Church
  • Anita W. West

    Accounting Manager
  • Tamika D. Williams

    Associate Director, Child Care
  • Lily H. Zhang

  • Diana Zilberdrut

    Project Specialist, Communications/ Investments